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3rd Party Stats


student achievement measure

SAM provides a comprehensive picture of student progress and completion as students move across institutions and state boundaries.


College Portraits

The College Portrait is a source of basic, comparable information designed for anyone to learn more about Cal Poly.


Contact Us

Building 1, Room 308
: Phone: 805-756-2910
Fax: 805-756-5292

Department Staff

F. Mauricio Saavedra, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Institutional Research
: 805-756-5406

Patricia Van Belleghem
Research Associate
: 805-756-7359

Robert Fitler
Research Analyst
: 805-756-7469

Garry Smith
: 805-756-5866

Kathleen Agostini
Project Administrator/Specialist
: 805-756-2204

Administrative Support Coordinator
: 805-756-2910

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