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2017 Employee Profiles

Employee data is presented by Total Employee profile and also by Faculty, Staff and Management.  

The data is presented in both graphs and tables.

The typical layout has the following detail tabs: by Division, Gender, Ethnic Origin, Full Time/Part-Time, Employee Class, Rank, Age and Years of Service.


  • Data reflects fall terms only.
  • Employees can have multiple appointments. For headcounts, employees are only counted once in each employee type and once in the total employees profile according to their primary appointment.
  • Whereas headcounts are according to primary appointments, full-time equivalent (FTE) is a summation of each individual appointment.
  • “Paid FTE” is the amount of FTE for which the employee is paid.
  • “Instructional FTE” is the portion of the “Paid FTE” devoted to instructional duties.

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