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Institutional Research is improving the delivery of the Fact Book information via a series of graphs and tables available in the link above (Data Dashboards).  This process uses a web graphing solution that displays university-level data in a visual format, providing support for identifying trends. This web-enabled graphing software replaces the Fact Book provided in the past. 

Fact Book: Video Tutorial

The Fact Book is an annual comprehensive publication of aggregate historical trends data on admissions, enrollment, degrees awarded, persistence and graduation, employee (or faculty/staff/management), and financial aid. Information by college is also provided. No longer published as of 2021.

Beginning in 2016, Institutional Research started using data visualization software to produce the various graphs and tables found in the Fact Book.  Prior to 2016 PDFs were produced.

Fall 2020 Fact Book - Tables & Graphs

Fall 2019 Fact Book - Tables & Graphs

Fall 2018 Fact Book - Tables & Graphs

Fall 2017 Fact Book - Tables & Graphs

Fall 2016 Fact Book - Tables & Graphs

Fall 2015 Fact Book - PDF

Fall 2015 Fact Book cover

Fall 2014 Fact Book - PDF

Fall 2014 Fact Book cover - link to PDF

Fall 2013 Fact Book - PDF

Fall 2013 Fact Book cover - link to PDF

Fall 2012 Fact Book - PDF


Fall 2011 Fact Book - PDF


Fall 2010 Fact Book - PDF


Fall 2009 Fact Book - PDF


Fall 2008 Fact Book - PDF


Our publications require the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader - visit the Adobe website to download a FREE copy of Adobe Reader now! Get Adobe Reader Icon

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