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SAM provides a comprehensive picture of student progress and completion as students move across institutions and state boundaries.


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Registration Monitor

2023-24 - New Dashboards

The Registration Monitor provides enrollment information based on registration activity at specific points in time. Beginning Fall 2023, the Registration Monitor was converted from static PDFs to interactive dashboards. Click on the link below to see the dashboards. A glossary of terms is also provided below. Registration Monitors prior to Fall 2023 can be found in the college year drop-down list below.

Go to new Registration Monitor Dashboards (beginning Fall 2023)


Registration Monitor Dashboard Glossary

Variable Definition/Values
Full-Time Equivalents Students (FTES) The sum of FTES for a given term for all students. Undergraduate and post- baccalaureate FTES = attempted units / 15. Graduate FTES = attempted units / 12.
College (Class) The college the class is in.
College (Major) The college the student’s major is in.
Department The department the class is in.

Significant points-in-time where registration or enrollment data is captured and reported. The events vary depending on the term.

First Round Through – The last day of first round registration for continuing students.

End of Block Registration – The last day of block registration for first-time first-year students.

Beginning of Open Enrollment – The day all students (continuing and new) can begin registering.

Beginning of Classes (Data is set the day before the Beginning of Classes)

End of Add/Drop – The last day a student can add or drop a class.

Final Census – The day data is finalized for reporting to the Chancellor’s Office.
Headcount The number of students (i.e., count).
Load Number of units taken for a given term.
Selected College Year The college year selected in the Primary Filters.
Student Credit Units (SCU’s) The sum of attempted units for all students for a given term.
Student Level


Graduate (master’s seeking)

Post-Bacc or Post-Baccalaureate (non-master’s seeking)
Student Type

A students enrollment status.


New First-Time

New Transfers


Note: New Transfers include students returning in a new major and transitory students. New freshman and new transfer headcounts include students selected for Fall that enrolled in Summer. New First-Time includes Summer Institute students.

The season of the college year.




Year-to-Year Data for the selected college year and the previous college year for the same term and event.



Registration Monitors (prior to Fall 2023)




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