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student achievement measure

SAM provides a comprehensive picture of student progress and completion as students move across institutions and state boundaries.


College Navigator

Publications and Reports

Cal Poly Fact Book

  • Annual comprehensive publication
  • Historical trend data on admissions, enrollment, degrees awarded, faculty/staff, and financial aid

Common Data Set

  • Updated annually after fall census
  • Set of clear, standard data items and definitions
  • National collaborative effort among higher education data providers and publishers


  • Official projections of headcounts, SCUs, average loads, and FTES

Cal Poly Registration Monitor

  • Enrollment reports produced at significant points in time through registration


  • Annual condensed publication published after fall quarter census


  • Published annually after fall census
  • Very brief look at admissions and enrollment

Retention and Graduation Reports

  • First-time freshmen and new transfers persistence rate trends
  • Six-year graduation rates for students receiving athletically-related student aid


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